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Covid- 19 2

Now it seems common sense if two supermarkets are in proximity they should be spying on each other to ensure that one isn’t doing something to gain more customers.

Venue 1 was more popular up until the restrictions provoked by Covid=19.

Venue 2 responded by opening earlier than Venue 1.   Hence while folks liked up waiting to get into 1, people had finished their shopping at 2.

As this becomes ‘public’ knowledge, the customers move to 2.  As many are buying standard items all the special this and that Venue 1 offers can be bypassed.  

The lines in front of Venue 1 get shorter. Many times, there is no line.

The dozens of customers which used to swarm the aisles are gone.

The price of Covid-19 will be paid by a business which does not ‘spy’ on its competitor and alters its practices to match.


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