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To understand how businesses ‘broadcast’ the fact they are moving to bankruptcy, check the BBC World Service.

If you listened to the World Service in the 70s/80s/90s you would be aware that it was  news, live news, which was constantly updated and contained facts.

The staff made sure that wherever in the world the story occurred, the listeners would know where it was and something about it so that they would have enough background to understand what they were being told.

Although there were a few other features, news and information was prime.  And one could follow a story from its first broadcast through its development, for every single news bulletin was real and up to date.

Then the BBC World Service moved from Short Wave to FM, from having an active news team to cutting costs by filling the hours with what I can only call blah blah.

Blah Blah are pointless repeated time wasters which cost the station nothing as they are unpaid interviews or unpaid discussions.  These are repeated numerous times during the day, then again and again weeks, months later.

These cost the BBC nothing.  And it is obvious.


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