More Trouble Shooting Tips – 81

Demotivation is the most dangerous threat to your business.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a law office, a supermarket, an online application. Once the staff ceases to care about the business; in fact, uncares, it is virtually impossible to regain their confidence.

Lack of communication is usually the first factor in demotivation.

Whether a staff member, a contributor,  a worker, when communication doesn’t exist, the employees become demotivated.  No one informs them of changes or new policies; they find out the hard way.

When they try to communicate with the Administration;  they get no answer.

So they stop.

They come to work and they go home and couldn’t care less about the business.

Subsequently, of course, the Administration wonders why business is falling off.   They never realise their lack of communication is the root.


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