More Trouble Shooting Tips – 78

 During the festive season many businesses try some kind of promotion.  This is  often the celebration of bad business practices.  

For example;   Supermarket A emailed everyone inviting them to ‘Customer Appreciation Day.’  The date was given, not the time.

Inviting customers to anything requires a skill set many ‘managers’ and ‘supervisors’ do not have and are too cheap to hire anyone who can run such an event.

Hence, invitations with no time specified.  This means that customers arrived when they arrived.

At TEN A.M.  the ‘function’  was not even begun, and there was no sign there had ever been such an invitation. Questioned, the Manager stated  that the Supermarket wasn’t ‘ready’, to customers who asked.  They were told they should return at ELEVEN.  

A customer is arriving to be ‘appreciated’ due to an invitation, and the customer is told to go away and return in an hour.  How many did is unclear.  However;  At ELEVEN Supermarket A was still ‘not ready’.

That their Customer appreciation was significant in losing all those customers who arrived from the opening at 9, at 10 and at 11.  


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