More Trouble Shooting Tips – 53

One of the major loses of clients/customers, aside from closing the business for ‘repairs’ ‘refurbishing’ ‘improvements’,  is when desired items are unavailable and need be purchased elsewhere.

For example; something absent from this business is available at a similar venue.

Although one might like to shop at Premises One, when  for many days Premises One does not have desired items, the customer goes elsewhere.  If Premises Two has the items, one might go, and stay.

One might have just  popped into Premises Two for this or that, but then, starts to shop there.

Premises One has lost a customer.  

A Troubleshooter will learn what products customers ask for and move around the community to see if such products are available at other venues.  

If so, then the company for which the Troubleshooter is employed must, by any means possible, start to stock those items.

It isn’t a difficult concept;  if you want to buy a specific product you will find where it is sold and do your shopping there, instead of where it is absent.


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