More Trouble Shooting Tips – 52

As the Matron couldn’t fire  the cleaner, her procedure would be to  advise the Board of the various infractions, and then, sit and wait for their decision.

All The Matron would be doing was exposing herself as a target, for if the Board didn’t fire the Cleaner,  she would look even stupider.

The Matron shrugged her shoulders.   Why make an enemy of the Cleaner?  If the Board which ran the dorm didn’t care, why should she?

Hence, the Cleaner spent ten years filling her pockets and sleeping.

When the Dorm closed, and the Cleaner was  discharged, she expected a pile of cash as her severance due to her length of employment.

When she didn’t get it, she made an official complaint to the government agency.  

The Board had to pay her.

So here was a woman, hired to clean the dorm, who did slightly more than four hours work a week, but was paid for forty hours.

Here was a thief who got away with her thefts for ten years.

Yet, because the Matron could not fire her, because the Board took no interest, they had to pay a large sum of money to someone who never did very much work.


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