More Trouble Shooting Tips – 48

Often, when one trouble shoots a business, or is even exposed to it, many base facts are exposed.  For example, at the dormitory previously mentioned, the powerless Matron, having attempted to ‘exert’ the authority she didn’t have, and being humiliated, sat down and did nothing except make phone calls.

She rented out rooms unknown to the Board and pocketed the money.  She installed an air conditioner in her flat unknown to the ‘Board’.

She gave over a section to a teacher to run a school there.

When repairs were required she made her phone call.  She didn’t monitor.

As she was distant and disinterested, the tenants did what they pleased.

Having waited so long to send in a Troubleshooter, there was little that could be done to reclaim the premises, which was in poor condition, so the Board decided to sell it.

What could have been an easy money maker…. IF… became a liability.


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