More Trouble Shooting Tips – 40

Many businesses have idea and dreams, but don’t make the proper plans as in many cases, they don’t see the ‘big picture.’

For example, you want to have this ‘deli’ in your supermarket.  

Either what you buy in the deli goes on your basic bill, or it doesn’t.  If it has to be paid for separately, it is too much of a hassel.

If the deli section was or appeared to be a separate entity, and there were ‘tastes’ given in the supermarket, then customers would finish their shopping, go to the deli, and make purchases there.

To have a ‘separate’ check out for the deli IN the supermarket causes a bit of problem.

Unless one has a full time always there staff so that no one sees an empty cash register, or no one to serve, (which often happens) it effects the business.

I’ll show you how.


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Written by jaylar

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