More Trouble Shooting Tips – 34

I have said it many times, in many ways;  one of the biggest failings in business is the incorrect deployment of staff.  

Two many here, not enough there, the wrong person up there, the demotivated in that area, etc.  

Coupled with that is the sit down manager/supervisor who must be virtually ordered to take up the slack.

For example, at supermarket 1 the manager jumped on a cash register to move the crowd. 

 At Supermarket 2 the managers stayed in their sanctuary as crowds converged; the fact four machines were vacant did not ‘register’ in their minds.

If you are in charge of a business you must be on the floor.  You must be moving from place to place at different times to see the flow.

Problems never develop when one is hands on, because filling in, moving staff, is seamless.


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