More Trouble Shooting Tips – 27

Many of those ‘in charge’  of a business often lose sight of reality.  Either they become distant or are too close.

When a new pair of eyes enters, what is unseen by those ‘in charge’ is obvious to those who have no connection.

To get that Boss to see what you see is not that easy.

Many ‘know everything’ many live in the past; “this works!”  (meaning it worked ten years ago), and as previously stated, they have a terror of change.

One has to phrase their ideas very carefully.

To tell someone they are overstaffed gets a shouted objection from the boss  just a bit louder than those told they are understaffed.

To say, ‘just for an experiment, can we try to do without three workers next week?’  or ‘can we hire three more, temporarily to see if they are needed?’  may get a positive response.

Most businesses go out of business because they are unable to see why and how they are losing business.


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