More Trouble Shooting Tips – 103

Possibly the stupidest action a business can do, primarily those in proximity to competition, is to set certain ‘policies’  without investigation.

Taking a supermarket, (the easiest example)  if A opens at 8:00 and B opens at 8:30 then the early shoppers will have to go to B.  

Supermarket A might as well be 100 miles away between 8:00 and 8:30 because they have lost all that custom.

Another error is to have a bunch of managers/Assistant Managers/ Supervisors/Assistant Supervisors, etc. at some desk somewhere, while the clerks are overwhelmed and the cash registers are idle.

Supermarket A may have 10 cash registers but only 5 cashiers.  The lines are growing longer, and the MAMSAS   are pushing papers, answering phones.  

If Supermarket B is across the street, customers will walk out.  

As many of the MAMSAS at Supermarket A started as cashiers, why doen’t they jump on the empty cash registers until they are relieved or the crowd dwindles?

No doubt; Policy.


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Written by jaylar

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