More Trouble Shooting Tips – 102

Whether you run a law firm or a petrol station, a school or a rum bar, you must treat those ‘special’ customer’s, special.

Using the easy image of a supermarket;  imagine a customer that shops often.   Always pays, never has a problem, is nice to staff, and the staff like the customer.

Time passes and the customer remains faithful.


some new policy is implemented. Could be anything.  Might seem minor… However … the faithful customer explains why that new policy would make things difficult.  

Now, if you are stupid you will bang the drum and shout that everyone has to conform.  This means that this loyal customer is going to be treated like some stray.  Instead of getting special treatment.

If that customer walks out and never returns, blame yourself.

Too many business go out because they go to implement a policy which is offensive or discomforting to faithful customers.

Once you treat  faithful customers like sewage, they’ll be gone.


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Written by jaylar

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