More Trouble Shooting Tips – 101

 How do you know how your staff treats your customers?  If you think standing and watching is he answer, you are easily deceived.  If you think ‘hidden’ cameras are the answer, you’ve wasted your money.

The worst employees are sweet hearts when they know Boss can see/hear them.  

I can tell you about a horrible virago who was so nice when the Boss was on the floor who caused customers to raise their voices in anger due to her neglect and rudeness when he was not.

You have to get someone to play a questioning customer. Someone to visit the venue and speak to various staff members so as to judge their behaviour.

Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees, this could be a one off or needs follow up.

The Boss must be no where on the premises.  In this way, the employees will behave ‘normally’ and reveal their true character.  Or lack thereof.

There are ‘supervisors’   who make phone calls and ‘in house’ memos more important than the customer who is in front of them.

You won’t know this.


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Written by jaylar

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