Mall Workout 11.14.21

Sunday, 11.14.21

This morning, I woke up and got ready for yoga meetup. It was a good start because I didn’t feel groggy and tired. I did drink a cup of TJ’s Autumn coffee with a tablespoon of vegan creamer–almond and coconut creamer. It was warm this morning. The sun was bright and strong that it felt like summertime, around 86 degrees F. After one hour of yoga, I drove back home and ate my lunch. Then, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza because I haven’t been there for a while. 

The mall was very busy and crowded. Christmas decorations were up, and many people were doing their holiday shopping. There was already Black Friday sales. In the past, Black Friday was only 1 day, the day after Thanksgiving Day. This year, it is during all month of November. 

I dropped by Bloomingdales to sample Nespresso’s new flavors. They had some festive coffee flavors–Forest Black, Forest Fruit, and Forest Nut flavors. I felt like tasting the espresso, and the man gave me two espresso samples–Forest Fruit and Forest Nut. They both tasted good, with a slight fruit and nutty flavors, but I tasted more of the espresso coffee than the fruity or the nutty flavors. 

I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but I foung good sales in Macys–3 clothing pieces in my favorite clothing color–burgundy or wine. I love wearing this color during wintertime. I also got a cute heather gray sweater with a cute cat on it. 

I walked around in the mall, and I noticed that I walked 2 miles inside the mall, on two floors. It was was about 4,961 steps, and I climbed 1 floor. (I think I used the escalator). 

At 5 pm, I decided to return home. As I was walking to my car, I noticed a colorful Lamborghini.


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