Let Carine Do It – 7 – End

When I returned to the office, they had a little celebration for me. 

Ms Roberts asked;   “How were you able to put up with that Joyce Neller?”

Standing in front of my coworkers I thought of recounting  the story of Jeffrey Charles.

After all, it was somewhat on point.  A  universally hated boss,  shouting at an employee, grabbing a live wire and being electrocuted. 

 No one cared.

A memorial was held, and no one came.

I thought of going into the story but instead, I said that nothing she could do or say could bother me.   I didn’t accept her as an example of who I wanted to be but of the person I never wished to become.

Everyone smiled and complimented me.

I guess I said the right thing.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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