Let Carine Do it – 6

Despite all the insults, innuendos, attitude, nothing Joyce Neller did or said bother me.  I kept my smile, my sweet voice. 

 It was evident her inability to upset me was really driving her crazy.

She went into some diatribe which I didn’t listen to, concentrating on what I’d be doing tomorrow.  I decided on a beach day.  

At some point she stopped talking.  I didn’t notice until in a loud voice she asked me if her behaviour annoyed me.  Wearing the same smile, in the same sweet voice I said, “No Miss Neller.”

As  I seemed to be in no rush to get away from her, she demanded to end the ‘tour’ and be returned to Ms. Robert’s office.

I escorted her back, Valerie mouthed ‘thank you’, then, ‘take tomorrow off’.

I left the office feeling very pleased with myself.


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Written by jaylar

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