Judge Salas Terrorized For Working on Epstein Case

Friday, 7.31.20

The Epstein Case Coverup continues. As Judge Salas works on the Epstein case to uncover more information, an assassin is sent to her house to silence her. But, instead, her son and husand were shot. It is no wonder that Ghislaine Maxwell fears for her life in prison because she feels she is moving toward Epstein’s fate, before she exposes names in trial.

#2 Intelligence Connections To Assassin At Judges House

A female judge was working on the Epstein case. Her son and husband were shot. The son was killed and the husband was wounded in critical condition.  Roy Dan Hollander was the assassin. He was promoted as an anti-feminist attorney. He worked for intelligence. Many information had come out before the sudden shootings.  Arkancide has to do with dying from ulcer-related natural causes, but actually shooter was decapitated and found inside his car.

#3 Breaking Update! Judge Esther Salas Targeted After Jeffrey Epstein Investigation. Exposed!

This video has news coverage of Judge Esther Salas’ son and husband being shot to scare Judge Salas. It happened on July 19th. She was investigating Jeffrey Epstein case. Roy Dan Hollander, dressed in a FedEx uniform, came to the house to kill her son and husband. She was assigned the Epstein case, four days before the shooting. The mainstream Zionist media promotes it as an anti-feminist shooting, which is obvious bullshit. Roy was later found dead in his car, which is promoted as a suicide. The media is promoting this shooter as the typical “Lone Wolf,” in which we have seen many times before during the false flags, when a young guy goes on his mass shooting sprees.


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