How to use Forums to Sell Products

The forums allow, above all, sharing knowledge with other members or asking questions on any topic of interest. However, you can also use the forums to sell products and services. If case of doubts, it is better to contact a moderator who can provide information and thus avoid a warning. If the sale of a product is allowed, just start a thread to present your product to the members of the forum.

If any visitors are interested, you can direct them to a payment system. By selling products and services, you can slowly build up your business.  Try to stay in contact with the customers and answer their questions. When they feel good they will gladly buy your next product.  Making a self-assessment can be very helpful. This will help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Improving your product should be your only concern.

An eBook with audio will always sell better. This will allow people to listen to your advice on the way to work or sitting quietly in a corner.           Following the advice, you can produce videos to improve understanding.             You can also conduct interviews with experts in order to offer several points of view. Enjoy the forum to find good partners. They will be of help if you want to sell your product other than on the forum.

In exchange for a commission they will help you achieve promotion. Moreover, on the download page, you can give information about the affiliate program. If someone buys your product and appreciates it and if it works in the same niche, they will like to earn money by promoting your product. In a forum, you have the advantage to identify issues of members. By creating products that meet these questions, you’ll earn money.


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  1. I haven’t tried selling anything on a forum but I was able to get some referrals. I just recently started writing an ebook and started selling it on my own blog. I think, yes it is possible to sell a product or services in a forum.

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