how to use a pole saw

StepOne: Clearing the Work Area

Safety is paramount before you start cutting. Make sure there are no people around.Have the place cleared from any hazards like holes and fallen branches. This is necessary because you may trip over.

Steps Two: Planning

Nextplan where you want to cut. In case you want to remove a single log, you willneed preliminary cuts and jump before making the final cut. Try to makehorizontal cuts when cutting. Experts from tools havenrecommend that you start from the top part of the branch when cutting.

StepThree: Positioning the Saw

Ensureyou have a decent solid grasp on the pole saw with two hands. Vertically raisethe pole and take a short pause so as to control the weight. When you’recertain that you can handle the weight, push ahead and reposition the saw tothe place you want to cut and let the saw rest on the branch. 

StepFour: Positioning Yourself

Whileholding the saw, position yourself so that you can grasp the saw’s end at thechest level. Remember to stand to the side of the limb you want to cut. Bystanding to the side, you will be at a good angle to cut.

StepFive: Cutting

Startcutting slowly and perpendicularly to the limb. Make a good groove in the limbso that to guide the faster strokes which will come later. When first cutting,if the limb is sloped the saw may try to slip aside. If the saw consistentlyslides stop and reposition yourself. 

StepSix: Move Forward And Finish

Onceyou have good control of your pole saw in the groove, you can now increasestroke speed. Pole saws use gravity to help them cut. Watch the branch as youare cutting, this will help you step back when it falls.


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