How to Rent a Perfect Tour Guide Communication System

What does a good tour guide wireless microphone system do? Well, it enables you to hold a smooth flow of communication with crystal, clear sound quality and without any disturbances from outside. Usually, in factories, plant sites, construction sites or any work place that has a noisy background, prefer to hire tour guide communication system.

As a matter of fact, you will find many companies now hiring the services of tour guide system complete with microphone system, headphones and transmitters to enable uninterrupted and flawless communication between employees and delegates.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology it has become really easy to hire corporate equipment. However, the low rates do not always guarantee high quality and good service. A reliable tour guide sound system makes sure that there is clear flow of communication between employees in a noisy work place. Companies like Translator India offers a variety of high quality, best wireless tour guide systems that present world class technology with competent features.

Before choosing a wireless tour guide system equipment rental, you need to decide which type of tour guide system you need for your factory or construction site:

  • One way tour guide system

Here, a manager can easily pass on instructions to its delegates and sub ordinates  using  one way tour guide microphone system and information be relayed to all the employees wearing special headsets.

  • Two way tour guide system

This system is useful wherein you wish to hold discussion that can be joined by other employees as well. Using two way speaker systems, one can easily relay information from one employee to another with others putting in their inputs.

  • Audio tour guides

These pocket devices comes with high battery backups and up to 999 prerecorded messages. With different language interface, these audio tour guide systems are ideally suited for corporate tours, products tours etc.

Once you finalize what type of tour guide communication system is required, you can easily put in your query and get rental quotes. Translator India is one of the leading providers of interpretation and language translation equipment rentals in the country.

The company provides excellent communication systems- wireless tour guide systems with up to 40 channels, high battery backup, hands free transmitters and 18 months warranty. In addition, the company offers pocket audio tour guides with up to 999 pre recordings and 12 language interface at affordable rates.

You just name the venue and they will deliver it there without hassle. Crystal, clear sound clarity with zero sound disturbances and active noise cancelling headsets- all in Translator India’s wireless tour guide systems.

Their expert technicians also help you set up the tour guide system and assist you with any technical troubles that you might be facing.

Hire Translator India’s excellent quality wireless tour guide communication system and never have any trouble communicating in your noisy factory or work place!

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Written by Ram Kesarwani

We are India's leading service provider for language interpretation equipments on rent. We deal in high-tech wireless interpretation system and language interpretation services and simultaneous interpretation equipment rental at an amazingly affordable price. Contact today @ 9811 200 494


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