How To Optimize The Website For Voice Search?

Voice Search is gaining popularity rapidly. As per the research, almost 57% teens and 43% adults are using voice search at least twice a day. And the statistics will reach double by the end of 2020.

If you are in the industry and want to set your business apart from your competitors, it’s the time to start today with Search Engine Optimization for voice search.

#1. Optimize Local Listings

Usually, people use voice search to know about the places where they want to go. No matter how you optimize the keywords, the search engine always shows the place which is “near” the users. And to provide that information, search engine turns to Google My Business listings.

Make sure to add all the business information and choose the relevant category. The more specific you are with your categories, the better the chances for appearing in the voice search result. Provides your users with best local SEO services by ensuring your name, address, and phone number are accurate as Google uses this information to rank the web page in local search.

#2. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Voice search is different from that of the regular search. People do not necessarily include all the words to get the search results while typing the Google. But when it comes to voice search, more are the chances that they include the exact keywords. That’s why Top SEO Firms suggests targeting the long-tail keywords. For that,

  • Identify how people speak
  • Search for the opportunities in your analytics
  • Generate Q-A content

#3. Focus on Mobile

Usually, people use the voice search feature on their mobile device. If your audience is accessing your website and find it poorly optimized for the mobile device, more are the chances that they’ll search for other results and never return back. This not only results in bounce rate but also hurt your search engine ranking badly.

The survey reports reveal That the bounce rate on the mobile device is way more than desktop. Thus, if you are paying attention to the voice search optimization, make sure to offer a great experience to your mobile users. You can also consider using Mobile-Friendly test of Google to ensure if your website works well with the Mobile friendly updates.

  • However, mobile friendliness is not all about providing the users with the responsive designs, instead:
  • Make sure to improve the page speed of your website
  • Make it scannable so that it’s easier for your users to get the gist of your content.
  • People will access the website using the thumb. Make sure to place the elements correctly.

#4. Monitor Performance

Monitor the analytics closely to ensure that the users are experiencing the mobile search as same as the desktop search. There could be an issue on user experience that you need to fix upon. Google analytics help in monitoring the performance by giving an in-depth insight into the mobile versus desktop reports.

Monitoring the analytics closely help in optimizing the voice search efficiently. There are many other tools available, make sure to make the most of it.


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