How To Open E-Insurance Account?

Do you know what e insurance account is? How to open e insurance account? A policyholder can open e Insurance account with any Insurance Repositories. This will help the insurance holder to buy and keep all the policies in an electronic mode. This may include health, pension, life or general insurance. This is a unique account number that should be quoted at the time of accessing the account or electronic details of the policies online over the website. The opening of this account is easy and can be opened by any individual who has an insurance policy.

In order to open e insurance account, an individual need to fill the account opening application form provided by the Insurance Repository along with facilitating the supporting documents. You can also download this form from the respective website or can even fill it online at the website. Moreover, it is best to contact an insurance agent to file for the application. An individual insurance holder can also submit the signed e Insurance account application at the Insurance Repository office. Thus, applying for the e-insurance account at the time of buying the insurance policy is the best time and way to fill the form and submit to the insurance company.

Here are detailed steps of opening this account:

• Download the e-insurance account from the preferred insurance repository

• Fill the form and self-attach the required KYC documents

• Submit the form along with self-attested documents from the insurance repository

When you think of opening an e insurance account, there are few requirements that an individual has to meet. For this, the applicant has to possess a PAN card or Aadhaar card. At the time of submitting the application and form for the e Insurance account, provide the necessary support documents. In addition, other documents needed include proof of date of birth, address proof along with a passport size photograph. At the time of opening the account, an individual has to show the original documents as proof of verification.

For NIR Registration, the applicant has to complete the form with the required supporting documents. An individual has to meet all the requirements for opening a new e insurance account. For this, you can take the help of an insurance agent who can best guide and handles the process of opening the account. In addition, understand that the applicant will also need to provide few required documents like:

• A cancelled cheque

• Latest passport size photo

• Identity, address and birth proof – PAN Card, Voter Id, Aadhaar, ration card, domicile certificate, etc

When you have an insurance policy, understand the importance of holding an e insurance account. So far a large portion of insurance holders is reaping this e-insurance account. When you have this account, you enjoy various benefits like one time KC submission, safety and security, easy premium payments, convenience and easy tracking of the policies. Thus, never underestimate the vested benefits of owning e-insurance account as this will help to keep all the insurance documents safe online. Just check with your insurance agent and get the account opened.


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