How To Have a Normal Relationship With Your Ex – (Boss From Hell 2)

Many times, when you leave a Boss from Hell the anxiety fills you.  You may have developed a lot of negative ‘unworking’ traits.  These traits have to be excreted and the only way you can is to analyse them and what prompted them.

What would you have done if this BFH was just a Boss?

When would you have arrived at work? Left? What would you have done if he was just a normal Boss.

Because you hate him so much it does give you a bit of the upper hand.   You want them to fail and nothing they say or do can effect you.  

Now that you have escaped you see him as what you put in a toilet.

Now, prepare yourself for when you encounter him again.  

If/ when you see that Ex Boss you look through them as if you can’t remember who they are.  Then, bored, you move off.

You don’t need to discuss.  The most you give is a nod of recognition.  

Your ‘normal’ relationship with a Boss From Hell is non-existet.


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Written by jaylar

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