How To Have a Normal Relationship with Your Ex -(Boss From Hell 1)

When you’ve left that Boss from Hell you feel like a new person.  However,  the hatred that fills you has no ‘love’ to countermand.  You came to work for…who could have been any sex, age, race, whatever.  It was A JOB.  

It would have been no problem if that BOSS FROM HELL didn’t spend the days trying to make you miserable.

Unlike a relationship with an Ex Spouse where there was love and perhaps there are still trickles of it, there was never any love for that Boss from Hell.

Now, there is only Hatred

Your method on encounter is indifference, distraction almost non-recognition.

This is not easy to do.

It is not simple to see that Ex Boss and look at them as if you can’t remember who they are.  


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