How to Find and Hire Good Essay Writers

When you ask Google how to find and hire good assignment writers, you’ll encounter articles aimed at students as the target audience. They teach them how to choose the best essays writing service that won’t scam them. But what about hiring managers? How do you search for talent, test the writers and hire the best ones?

Where Do You Find Good Academic Writers?

1. Try Freelancing Platforms

According to a research study conducted and published by Harvard Business School, Upwork is the future of work. With millions of jobs being posted annually, freelancers from all around the world get a chance to make money.

But this system works for the clients, too. They just post an ad and evaluate the freelancers who apply.

There’s some level of risk involved. Freelance writers are often unable to provide links to their previous work, since they work as ghost writers. Someone else holds the rights to the work they completed, so they cannot share it under their name. If the writer doesn’t have a personal blog, it will be difficult for you to check their work and make sure it’s theirs.

So you have to conduct really effective interviews and give your essay writers a test period.

2. Tap Into LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a safer choice. You get access to verified writers, who can easily share their work. You can check the work history on their profile, which usually contain links to published articles or essays. Once you find something you like, you can contact the writer with your offer.

This is the recruiting method preferred by many cheap essay writing services, such as Superior Papers. The recruiters of the team scan LinkedIn to locate talent. They become part of groups of writers, so they can notice the most active ones. They expand their network and offer jobs to the best candidates.

3. Hire Students and Recent Graduates

Experience is essential when you want to hire writers. You cannot count on people who never tried to write something beyond high-school essays. But university students are good! For someone to earn an MA or MBA degree, they have to go through several projects. They already know how to conduct research among academic and scientific resources, and they definitely know how to reference. They have the practice.

Needless to say, not all graduates have an equal level of writing skills. Some are great, some are not so good. You’ll still have to do some interviewing.

What you can do is connect with the career centers of different universities and offer a job through them. Both graduates and current students will get the message, and the ones who feel competent will apply.

How Do You Test Them?

1. First, Conduct Interviews

When you find a good candidate through any network, you can’t avoid the interview. Essay writing is a pretty general category. You need a writer who is trained and skillful in writing academic content in the exact niche you have in mind.

If, for example, you need content for online history courses, you’ll hire someone who holds a degree in history. Then you’ll interview them with specific questions to see how much they know about the specific topics you plan to cover.

Upwork allows you to interview the writers through a direct messaging system. When you find writers via LinkedIn or university networks, you can still message them. But a Skype video call can be more effective, since it mimics the real interview experience, where you get to sense the candidate’s approach towards this potential job.

2. Always Give Them a Test Period

A test period of at least two weeks is mandatory when hiring an essay writer. Give them few topics and ask for the essays to be ready by a specific deadline. Then, you’ll evaluate the results and see if this is someone you can work with on the long term.

UK BestEssays suggests that f you want to speed up the hiring process, you can avoid the test period by giving a quick test during the interviewing process. Think of a random topic that’s related to the job and ask the candidates to complete a unique essay within two hours. You’ll quickly have tangible results to evaluate.

Needless to say, you must always check the content through Copyscape or another plagiarism detection engine, so you’ll make sure it’s absolutely unique.

How Do You Keep Them Happy?

When it comes to essay writers, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The average national starting salary for professional writers is $71,950. That’s above the average of freelance writers.

Great academic writers know how to hold their price. Writing services, such as the one we mentioned above, pay around $40 per page for content of best quality with an urgent deadline. Essay writing is much more challenging than copywriting, so the price you offer has to reflect the complexity of the tasks.

In addition to providing adequate payment, you also need to keep your writers happy by offering a regular workflow. If they don’t get projects on a regular basis, they will search for another job.

It’s not just about finding and hiring the best writers; it’s also about keeping them in your team!


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