How To Destroy A Business

As a trouble shooter it  is not unusual for me to feel as if I am on the deck of the Titanic as it leaves port.  

The  difference is that the Titanics I ride give endless clues to the fact they will be sinking.  

To be blunt, there are many people who have absolutely no business sense whatsoever.  They come into possession of a business they did not form, build or actually manage.

They think they know everything and whatever they touch will turn to gold.It is a ‘given’  that these businesses will tank.

They will tank for what seems to be different reasons but are, with deeper analysis, the same bad management.  

It could be negligent or incapable management, misspending of funds, and most of all the refusal to take  advice.

Sometimes a business may be overstaffed, sometimes the protocols are too complex.   Sometimes the attitude of those who deal with customers/clients/guests is the issue.Whatever it is, no matter how obvious me, no matter how clearly explained,  the advice is not taken.

And the business tanks.


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Written by jaylar

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