How Sleeve Boxes Turned Out to be The New Era for Packaging Boxes

Achieve stylish and unique packaging solution with custom sleeve boxes:

Launching new product in a stylish packaging always mesmerize the customers who look at the product. Its’ only with unique packaging that they will notice a new product or company as it’s the first thing the customers have an interaction with. Creating stylish and luxury packaging for customers needs creative design ideas, and one of the most unique designs a packaging box can have is sleeve style. It consists of a tray and a sleeve which is removable and product is placed inside the tray just like a match box. Mostly, both the tray and sleeve are made from cardboard but it is also common to use a rigid tray and sleeve of cardboard. Custom sleeve boxes are made in different styles, shapes and sizes and in the competitive market of United States, companies look to compete with their rivals using stylish sleeve boxes for numerous items.

The whole structure of the box is lightweight, especially when it is made from cardboard. The sleeves provide shelter to the content inside tray and save from the dust or contamination in the environment. This makes them safe to be used as a display box in the retail stores and bakery. To make the box more eye-catching, die windows are also crafted on sleeve which shows the inside product to the passing by customers. Food sleeve packaging like salad, snacks and sushi have a window on the top panel of sleeve that gives an amazing presentation of the edibles.

Uses of sleeve packaging boxes

Apart from the consumer products, custom sleeve boxes are also used for luxury products packaging. Luxury pens are packed inside the tray and sleeve boxes that have foam insert present inside the box which depict elegance and class of the pen. Eatables, like donuts, macaron and candies are also packed in sleeve boxes which displays and eye-catching view to the customers who enter the bakery. The sleeve of the box is printable whoever the base or tray remains in a single solid color, it us usually printed with matching color as that of the sleeve. These unique custom printed sleeve boxes pops up the features of the product packed inside and make them notice by the customers.

Custom sleeve boxes for golf balls:

Golf is considered to be a luxury sport and so its accessories like golf balls. To give these golf balls an exciting display in the sports shop, sleeve boxes are used which are made with the capacity to carry 5 to 10 balls. There are special cardboard inserts designed inside the box that separates all the balls present in the box and make them look classy and special.

They can be customized in luxury outlook with a rigid base that gives a simple product a classic presentation. If you manufacture golf balls, you must also promote your brand in the market by printing the logo and inviting promos on the cardboard sleeves.

Sleeve boxes for chocolate bars:

Special assorted chocolates should have a special packaging as they are used for gift giving and famous among the kids. In the parties, birthdays and even weddings, these chocolates are offered as a gift so the packaging must make a positive first impression on the recipient. Sleeve boxes are used for making the packaging attractive and catchy. They are printed with the theme of the party like birthday, Christmas and bright colors of wedding. Also when the gift recipient opens the box, it gives them wonderful unboxing experience.

Business gifts in sleeve packaging:At corporate level, a number of gifts are exchanged between the staff and management. The presentation of gifts matters a lot in the professionalism and sleeve boxes serves this purpose effectively as well. Business gifts like wrist watches, pens, wallets and bow tie can all be packed inside the sleeve boxes and can be used for gift packaging. It will make a positive impression on the managers, CEO and senior colleagues and build a better relationship.

Finishing options for cardboard sleeves:

By making the custom sleeve boxes according to your demand, you can add everything from add-ons to creative finishing options that will set apart your product and make them shiny and alluring. There are numerous options like matte varnish, gloss varnish, lamination, spot UV, aqueous coating, and foiling. Gloss, lamination and matte varnish can be applied on the whole of sleeve, whereas the spot UV can brighten up the printed text through which you can impress your customer with captivating outlook of the box.


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