How She Plays It – 11

Although Anton mentioned that Candy had run her adultery game in three other offices, he really only knew about one.  The office he had been in before his transfer.

Anton had been transferred because Candy, the same Poison Candy who had seduced him, then tossed him aside as rubbish and lied about him sexually harassing her.

They Bosses at the other office didn’t fully believe Candy’s story, so gave him the opportunity to transfer, and he took it. Seeing her at this office, Anton assumed that after his absence Candy, went after someone else and it was obvious to the staff  what kind of thing Candy was so they transferred her here.  

Yes. It made sense.

Anton informed Pete that Candy always went after married men, always made sure their wives knew.  Then, always accused the man she had seduced of  sexually harassing her.


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Written by jaylar

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