How New e-Commerce Businesses Can Enhance Their Marketing Strategies

As a new e-commerce business in the industry, the first few steps can be daunting but the best way to find early success is with marketing.

As soon as your products are ready, you need to let the world know you’ve arrived and this comes in the form of advertising and getting your name out there as much as possible. Although this might seem tricky, we have some simple tips today!

Content is Key – Nowadays, customers want a service that add to their lives in some way so the best way to do this is through content. With blog articles, photos, infographics, videos, and more, you come across as a market leader instantly because you show your knowledge to the world. Not only will content allow people to find your business, it makes them stay because you add value to their lives.

Social Media – Although this is no secret anymore, how could we not mention the might of social media? With hundreds of millions of users, these people are just waiting to have their attention stolen and you can do this with content and a high-quality profile.

With Facebook, you can target specific groups which allows you to hone in on your niche market. With Instagram, you have the platform with the highest engagement and you can post pictures of your product in action. After this, you have Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter to win your audience over.

Consistency – Every year, new e-commerce businesses go off looking for a secret to success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this and the only thing you need to remember is consistency. If you post on social media or write blog posts sporadically, you aren’t allowing it to gain any traction.

Nowadays, customers need schedules and they need services they can rely on. With this in mind, post regularly in terms of content and social media. As you become more reliable, you bring in new customers and it should snowball from here.

Imagery – Finally, we cannot understate to you the power of images and videos this year. With so many e-commerce businesses in the world, several of which in your niche, customers need more than text because this just doesn’t grab their attention.

With the limited time, your customers have on social media, they need value and this comes through photos and videos.

In addition to taking photos of your products, try tutorial videos, behind-the-scenes videos at an event, discussion videos regarding your industry, and more.

If you pay attention to these four tips in the next year, there’s no reason why you can’t see a huge boost to your following. Above all else, we urge you to create a plan; including where you are, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there. Once you answer these three questions, you’ll find it easier to make decisions in the future!


Richard Marchelle is currently working as a content and Ecommerce Marketer at Comalytics  . Comalytics is an e commerce website development company offering ERP integrated e commerce solutions for B2B and B2C applications.  Comalytics also provide online marketing, SEO and ecommerce design services.   Richard Marchelle is a passionate writer, with more than 12 years of experience in Ecommerce, SEO and Digital marketing.


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