How Carine Did it – 2

Valerie Roberts looked at me as if I had just been diagnosed with an inoperable disease and gestured.  As I approached the remaining employees ran out of the room as if it was on fire.

“Miss Marcus…”  Valerie said to me; “Joyce Neller is…difficult.”

I nodded.

“Look Carine, I won’t sugar coat it, she’s a horrible nit picking insulting narcissist.  She will ask you questions, she will demand things and nothing will please her.  She seems to take pleasure out of upsetting people.”

Oh wow.

“Just do your best, take her around, try to accommodate her, and .. pray the day ends early.”

“When she’s coming?” I ask.

“She’s here, waiting in my office…”

At that, Valerie turned and led me to the jaws of death.


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Written by jaylar

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