Have You Ever Considered Integrating These Features in Your Ride-Hailing App?

Technology has changed the ways businesses operate. With the introduction to mobile applications, users are facilitated with all services on their personal devices and they can avail any of the services easily through sending a service request. As mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, many of the industries have shifted their focus to serving their customers with the best services and it includes the extended use of mobile applications and offering their services online.

Taxi-hailing: One of the most benefitted industries of all

Uber being the pioneer of starting on-demand ride-hailing services, owns a major market share and if the revenue generated through the ride-hailing industry is taken into consideration, Statista predicts the revenue will reach 318,765 Million U.S. Dollars by the end of 2023. Also, the number of users preferring online ride-hailing is estimated to reach 1,531.5 Million by 2023. And according to reports, Uber has raised 24 billion U.S. dollars of funds during January 2019 which tops all other companies.

Therefore, the upcoming times only predict betterment in the current scenario of the taxi-hailing industry. To provide the best services to users at affordable prices, many companies are keeping their prices low and this has raised the competition in the market to its best. To compete with the ride-hailing giants and earn profits is becoming difficult by each passing day. However, you can attract more and more customers by adding up the functions and features your fellow ride-hailing businesses are missing to provide.

Use Referral Codes

Offering discounts is one of the best ways to attract more and more customers to avail of your services. Referral codes do two of the best things simultaneously. It encourages your users to share your services and start marketing it themselves and in return, they can avail lucrative discounts on the ride fare. This helps you increase your user base and by providing the best services to your riders, you can ensure they become your loyal customers.

Follow Trends: Ride-sharing

Lowering your ride-fare results in lower profits. To keep your business running intact, you are required to earn more profits that can help you implement innovative concepts in your business. Therefore, how to make profits without compromising the ride fare and quality of services? There is an answer. You can introduce a ride-sharing facility to your ride-hailing business.

Ride-sharing enables riders to share a common ride if their routes match and they can split the total fare according to their kilometers traveled. This enables your riders to get the best results without having to pay more and also it contributes to saving the environment as it saves on excess fuel consumption. This benefits your business as the expenses decrease and also it eliminates the requirement for lowering the ride fares.

Offer More than One Ride Options

What if your users are looking forward to a ride that has enough space to fit more than 4 persons? At this time, you must provide them with the best option available that is offering them a bigger cab to maximize their comfort. However, this facility should be made available on your app only. If you are worried about implementing one more expensive feature such as this, there always is an alternative option available in the market.

With the updating requirements of today’s market, there are many white-label options available at great prices to get your entire ride-hailing business updated. These uber clone app solutions provide all the required features along with the industry trends and support all your business operations extensively that help you earn more users with serving every requirement of yours and your customers extensively.

Easier Accessibility

The on-demand model suggests the use of the internet throughout time. Developing your own system working on the internet is easier but you also have to consider the limitation by the user’s side. What if a rider is stuck at a place where internet speed is low? Is your app working in such conditions also? Therefore, it requires you to get an application built in a way that can work in any conditions even if it is lower internet speed.

Before starting off the development of your app, you must keep such conditions in mind and if you are planning to serve in such areas or country, your ride-hailing app must follow all the constraints and still provide the best results to your riders as it can help you increase the user experience and also earn a name by offering the best services under the constraints.

Chauffeur Identity

One of the major problems of on-demand ride-hailing is, the rider and chauffeurs are completely stranger for each other. The majority of the ride-hailing businesses of today prefer to insist on their chauffeurs to upload all necessary documents that confirm their identity and then only the drivers are allowed to use the system. 


The primary source of revenue comes from your customers. To increase your profits, you must focus on completing the customer demands and ensure your business keeps up with their requirements. Fulfilling their requirements leads your business to success and increases the profits you earn.


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