Giving Credit and Honor to Women in Business

Women have always been in business.  Read history books.  Read the Bible.  Women of substance offered financial support to the ministry of Jesus.  Women have always worked a job in addition to the demanding responsibilities of homemaking.  Have you never read the description of the virtuous woman in Proverbs?  But the fierce work ethic of women has not always been appreciated.  In my opinion, this lack of appreciation, unfairness, and disrespect is manifested mainly in two ways:  (1) sexual harassment in the workplace and (2) gender pay inequality.

Continuing my celebration of women during Women’s History Month.  My first list focused on women in sports.  This list shines a spotlight on women in business;  not just specific female entrepreneurs but an overall view of women in the world of business.

P.S.  If interested, another Virilyan has already supplied a list for women in the military.

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#1 Women in Technology and Business

Women will tell you that discrimination and sexism in the tech and business world are brutally brutish.  That's putting it nicely.  But no matter.  It's not enough to stop 'em!  To the contrary, it just gives them more motivation!

#2 Women Must Be Masters of Time Management

This article struck me because as a child I remember watching a movie where the woman was talking to her husband on the phone.  He called to check on the welfare of his wife and family as he was away on a business trip and she was at home with the kids.  He dropped dead while he was on the phone!  After getting over the shock of his sudden death, she immediately sobered up, called her kids into the dining room for a family meeting and told them she had to pick up where daddy left off or they were going to be on the streets!  In other words, she was going to have to take over and run the business their father had started in order to financially support the family.

Speaking as a woman and an impressionable child who watched that movie, let's hope it doesn't have to be the death of a spouse that becomes "the right time" for a woman to start a business or become the boss.

#3 Women Putting Their Money Where Their Values Are

If you are a successful entrepreneur you should be an even more successful socialpreneur.  In my mind, that's what drives "impact investing" decision-making.  No surprise that women are a major force behind making the world a better place.

Are You a Socialpreneur?

#4 Women-Owned Business with Heart Strings Clearly Attached

This lady started out as a mortgage broker and real estate agent.  Then went into business for herself.  She was successful 3 times.  But her 4th business endeavor was a special act of love.

#5 Why Do People Tell Women in Business They Have to ‘Think Like a Man’?

It's true that in the world of business, women in executive, management or supervisory positions are often told to think AND act like a man.  As if!  (???)  What does that even mean?

Guess it means I should think like my father.  My dad must have been ahead of his time or he danced to the beat of a different drummer.  He never told me to think like a man.  He always told me to think for myself!  In my family, there were 7 boys and 2 girls.  Both my father and my mother told all of us the same thing.  Think for yourself and do your own work!  Shouldn't everybody be given that advice?

#6 Interesting Statistics About Women in Venture-Backed Startups

I am disappointed that my current place of residence, Austin, Texas USA was not on this list.  One of my reasons for relocating my family to this city is because it has many business opportunities; and it encourages small business ownership, especially women-owned businesses.  The eye doctors I take my daughter to for vision checkups is a women-owned business.


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