Give it Time – 78

Mike driving  home when his phone rang; it was the Firm.  He didn’t answer.  Ten minutes later, as he was pulling in, it rang again. Again the Office.  

Mike shut off his phone and quietly muttered; “Yes Emily.”  

Emily had kept her phone off most of the time.  At least when she worked for the Firm.  He was pretty sure that habit had changed.  There was no reason for her to shut off  her phone for the messages she would get were those she wanted to hear.

It felt so strange to be home on a Thursday before lunch.

Mike  took off his suit, showered, switched back on his phone, ignored the messages, and called Emily’s cell.  She answered.

“Congrats!”  she nearly shouted.

“How did you know…”

“Well, one of the secretaries was announcing about the handsome young counsel who would start on Monday.”

“Let me check the mirror…” he joked.


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Written by jaylar

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