Give it Time – 73

Mike reflected on the early days when he came to work in this Law Firm.  Maybe he was slow, but Mike realised that much of the ‘staying late to draft an urgent document’ was rubbish.  The staying late, the coming in on weekends was done to exercise control.

To simply trod on the rights of the new members of staff; no real purpose, just abuse.

How had Emily seen through the Firm’s scam within her first week and it took until now?

Was he so fascinated by being a Lawyer working for a Prestigious Firm, that he would put up with abuse?

Yes.  Abuse.  Exploitation.

Emily was brilliant.  No wonder the office was in turmoil at her leaving.

Hundreds of graduates would come to this Firm over the decades, and each one, as he, accept their exploitation.  Accept it  as if there was some form of benefit or training instead of being turned into a puppet.

A puppet who let the Seniors pull the strings.

He was so angry at himself, at the Firm, he felt like walking out right now.   Maybe if he were more reckless he would, but he wasn’t, so didn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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