Give it Time – 72

.After being employed to the Firm for  six months he was offered a three month extension.  Mike took it reluctantly.  

However, during those three months, Mike arrived at Nine left the office at Five.   He was not called in on weekends.

At the completion of the contract  extension he was made aware, at his 9th month Interview, that it was customary to either dismiss or give Juniors a year’s contract at their 6th month review. Due to his absences and ‘shirking of duty’ his ‘probation’ had been extended for three months.

He signed the year’s contract because the money was fantastic and he would be able to reside  at one of the company’s fantastic condos for a subsidised rental.

Today, as Mike sat in his Office, pretending to look at documents, he realised he had been a fool.  An easily exploited fool.


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Written by jaylar

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