Give it Time – 66

It was  Wednesday morning, when Mike arrived at the office,  he over heard the attacks on Mr. Galant.  He  smiled to himself.

(Good) he thought, (Their attempts to steam roll a junior had just cost them one of the best ever.)

He sat his small office,  played with documents in his office, pretending to be completely ignorant of everything.

As he and Emily had kept their non relationship off the front page, no one would think of asking him anything.  

They’d never been  seen together save when she worked with him on a case.   As had other juniors.

Ahh!  The value of privacy.   The value of being left out of office politics.

Sitting  alone in his office he called Emily on his cell, but her cell was off.  He then looked up the number of the Agency where she now was employed.


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Written by jaylar

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