Give it Time – 56

Emily sat beside him, holding his hand.  He felt they were waiting for a plane to take off.  It felt like parting.  He didn’t like the silence, so pushed in; “If you leave the Firm, where will you go?”  

She squeezed his hand.  “There are a number of places, but my first choice is to go to the Environmental Protection Agency.  They need lawyers.”

“You’ve checked them?”

“Yes.  I did a tentative application a week ago.”

“You never mentioned it.”

“That is before Galant spoke to me.  I knew it was coming.  The Seniors chat like magpies in front of Lynn…”


“The tea lady.  They went over the fact that I won’t work weekends or stay late.   And decided, unofficially, that despite the quality of my work, they needed to maintain…well they used the word ‘standards’ but Lynn and I translated it as control.”

“And you never told me!”

“Mike, I didn’t want to do this depressing thing that we are doing now.  It isn’t death, it isn’t exile, it doesn’t matter.”

“How can you say that?” He exclaimed.


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Written by jaylar

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