Fall of Cabal video

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

staged flags flags with crisis actors and mannequins?

Cartoons embedded with MK-Ultra mind control and satanic contents?

Toxic vaccines with mercury for kids?

Stupid celebrities promote facial creams with baby boys’s foreskins

Viruses are patented because they are manmade

Electronics contains spyware for monitoring…

Monsanto was bought by Bayer…

Hillary Clinton deleted millions of emails and smashing her iphone.

Barry Soetoro received a noble peace prize after he became president.

Wikileaks exposed lots of corruption worldwide, exposing Hillary’s corrupt acts, which helped Trump win.

Bill Gates’s depopulation agenda…

All this information is old for me. I have been aware of this stuff since 2008. This video is kind of long, but it is good to watch for people who don’t know anything.


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