Facebook Suffers Social Media Blackout…

Monday, October 4, 2021

This morning, I couldn’t enter Facebook. I guess it was experienced the predicted Social Media Blackout and media glitches.

This blackout outage is due to Facebook’s connection with their former product manager, Frances Haugen, exposed many pages of documents, proving that Facebook was negligent in eliminating violence and misinformation.

Moreover, last night, someone noted that Frances Haugen was on 60 Minutes, exposing Facebook and their so-called mission. For more information, go to

It was also noted that other social media networks, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger were having similar issues. I was able to go on my Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger on my iPhone this morning.

Meanwhile, many people are flocking to other social media sites, such as Linkedin, Youtube, etc. to share their views about this issue. 


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