Everyday Necessities…

Friday, 8.28.20

This morning, I noticed I was running out of food and vitamins, but Gumby had enough. So, I went to Mother’s Market at around noon. I noticed the grocery store looked different. Everything was rearranged to carry minimal items. But they are now stocked with World’s Best Cat Litter, which I recently found in Albertsons. I bought mostly fruits, veggies, leafy greens, Greek Yogurt, Fresh OJ, and Thai Coconut, as well as JASON mouthwash, activated charcoal toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine anti-perspirant, and other small items I am running out of. But it all added up to a lot, although it is all basic needed everyday items. 

I noticed other stores are making changes, rearranging their merchandise for certain items.

The weather was nice today, not humid, and there was a light breeze. So, it should be a nice relaxing walk this evening at Woodbridge area. 

I contacted Apple. Still no openings for reservations at one of its stores for my iPhone issues. 


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