Errand Day 9.27.21

Monday, 9.27.21

Today is errands day.

For breakfast I made a banana, cacao, and cacao nips smoothie with my vitamins. I was ready to go on my errands, from gas station to atm to post office to home to bike shop. It was cloudy and misty outside, which made it look like autumn weather, although it wasn’t cold. It just looked cold. 

I went to the gas station and the UTC ATM, before going to the post office. Then, I returned home to place my Huffy in the back of my VW New Beetle. I had to open the back and flatten out the backseats, which I have done before, especially when I go to IKEA. It was a struggle placing in the Huffy, and more of a struggle trying to take it out. At around 2 pm, I went to the second bike shop on my list. (There were two in my area, and the other one has availability for Wednesday). The guy just pumped up the tires. He didn’t charge me because it just needed air. I thought it might need to check the tubes inside the tire, and I didn’t want to deal with with tubes inside of the tires. But I decided to buy a new pump with a gauge because my Target one is crappy. He helped me take it out and in of my car, which was a struggle but easier with two people. I drove home. I struggled taking it out by myself, but I had to go in and out of the car to slowly inch out the Huffy. Sometimes, the handlebars and the tire get stuck. I finally did it. 

That was my exercise for today…

I returned home and made my bowl of salad with a cup of Matcha Green Tea early dinner. 


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