Errand Day 7.2.20

Thursday, 7.2.20

I started out my day going to Yoga at the Park, at 9am. The weather was cool and cloudy this morning, again, which is good since it is outdoors. I arrived home at 11 am, and noticed Gumby was out of cat litter. I went to Mother’s Market, but they were out of stock again. I bought few stuff I needed. Then, I drove to Petsmart at The District, which is on the border of Tustin and Irvine. They were stocked. I got a bag and went to the cashier. The idiot told me they don’t take checks anymore, which is bullshit because I wrote a check last time. I prefer to do checks, but I ended up using my debit card, in which I rarely use, except for emergencies. After I put my bag in my car, I went back to them to tell them off because they are dumber than dumb, or dumb and dumber. They are all a bunch of retail clerks, and it is their job to do cashier work, inventory, and help customers. One girl admitted that no one knows how to do checks. I told her they are all dumb because it is a part of their retail clerk job. The girl didn’t even acknowledge her stupidity. She told me to get out of the store if I am calling them dumb. I just walked out laughing hard because they are so pathetic, useless, and dumb. 

I need to find another Petsmart. They closed down the one by my place, which was even closer. I went to the Petsmart website and send them a complaint about the stupid retail clerks. No one is teaching those idiots how to do their job.

The District Petsmart is the closest Petsmart to my place. So, I will probably go to Petco next time. There is one in Irvine and one is Santa Ana. 


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