Epstein's Connections and Little Black Book

Friday, 8.23.19

I decided to add these three videos in one post because they go together. Since this is the latest topic right now, there are many videos coming out about Epstein and his clients from many people and alternative media sites. So, I think it is more interesting to check out different people’s sites and videos for a broader knowledge of the person and/or subject matter. 

In this first video, RT exposes another connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Robert Maxwell, who is associated to Zionist Israel and Mossad, was another corrupt criminal. He had a yacht named after his daughter, Guilaine Maxwell. When Robert Maxwell died, he was honored by Zionist Israel. Both Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein had connections to Israel. RT claims Epstein was Guilaine Maxwell’s Sugar Daddy. George Galloway is also interviewed about Epstein and his little black book.

In this second video, British Shaun Attwood lists some names in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book, which includes Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Michael Jackson, Prince Andrews, Donald Trump, David Rockefeller, Woody Allen, and many more.

In this third video, which is RT UK, George Galloway analyzes the Jeffrey Epstein murder. One way to figure out suspects is to list the people who would want him dead and who would benefit from his death. Such people include very wealthy and powerful people, the people in his little black book, people who flew on his Lolita Express, and people who were at his Pedophile Island. Epstein had connections to CIA and Mossad. Some names he lists include Lord Mandelson, Bill Clinton, Peter Mandelson, Ehud Barak, and Tony Blair. These people are likely people who are very criminal, and they are afraid to be further exposed in the Epstein trial, if he was alive. There was also a bribe involved for this death. 


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