Effect of Product Packaging in Consumer Buying Decision

Packaging for products is as important as clothes for human beings. In other words, product packaging has key importance for manufacturers and brands to make their names recognized in the market. Corrugated boxes are one of the sturdiest and reliable packaging solutions that not only provide sufficient protection to packed items but also help brands and businesses to thrive with their unique marketing capabilities. Researches about marketing and packaging strategies revealed that brands have only 7 seconds to make a great impression on the customer and it is the packaging that can do this job effectively. Studies have also demonstrated that at least one-third of product decision-making is established on packing, along with individual inclinations. It means that in the modern-day business, packaging has become as essential as the product inside. Here are some of the many ways in which product encasement can affect consumers’ buying decisions.

Unique Designs:

According to business research, 52% of online customers return to a business for another purchase if they get goods in exceptional packaging containers. Consumers are also expected to reuse distinctive and elegant packaging. We know that people tend to buy products packaged in differently designed boxes instead of randomly packed items. It is also a useful way to market your brand as only packaging designs are the thing that attracts customers in their first interactions other packaging efficiencies are also of key importance but comes later. The example of clothing for humans and packaging for products becomes true when we want to measure the importance of product and personality presentation as both are integral to depict the credibility of respective things.

Catchy Packaging colors:

Most of the packaging specialists believe that colors can play a significant role in grabbing customer’s attention and enhancing brand awareness. It has been observed that similar kinds of merchandises frequently adopt related packing color and design. The categorization of product’s worth through colors has also been witnessed to play a significant role in making purchasing decisions. Colors like black, gold, and silver are linked to luxury products and other colors for other kinds of products according to their value for customers. One thing that makes colors more important for packaging is their emotional attachment with human feelings and sentiments that play a key role in boosting sales for brands and happiness for customers.

Readable and Eye-catching Typography and Printing Efficiencies:

As colors and unique designs of corrugated shipping boxes are exclusive to grab customer’s attention, the importance of readable printed product particulars in catchy fonts also can not be denied. The catchy and readable fonts allow customers to know about the packed item and respective brands and convince them to buy that product. In other words, the low quality of printing with unreadable fonts always makes a negative impression on the customers’ purchasing choices and decisions. The printing quality of any packaging outfit is also responsible for marketing and branding, as if it contains catchy graphics, brand’s slogans, product ingredients and methods of effective usage of packed artefact, it will have a positive impact on brand’s sales and reputation in the market. That is why brands are investing in the packaging in order to make a positive impression on customers and stand out in the market.

Brand building capabilities:

The effectiveness of product packaging is also measured from its capability to market the respective brand. It also has much importance in the success of businesses as a package having embossed brand logos and other printed information about the packed items have more tendency to attract customers and convince them to make purchases. The brand labelling and logos are key for brands regarding having a long-lasting and positive impression on customers to make them remember the same brand for future dealings. People like to have branded products and brand labels and tags can play a significant role in making a random product a brand, so packages having such characteristics can help brands to maximize their profits and retain their existing customers.

Product protection:

Packing can influence consumer’s experience by keeping the artifact protected. Robust and protective packing can avoid the product from transgression during distribution, which not only will benefit to stop expensive returns, but also increase perceptions of product quality in your consumers’ eyes. Businesses with merchandises that target ecologically sentient markets, want to contemplate sustainability in packing. Using inventive design along with recycled and decomposable ingredients in product packaging reinforces consumers’ positive feelings about the artifact.


Packaging has the ability to make or break any business and brand in very little time. It is packaging that help brands to reach their potential with its marketing capabilities and unique packaging feature. It is a common habit of the customer to buy innovative and unique products in outstanding packaging. Corrugated boxes are one of the most useful and eye-catching packaging solutions that have influenced the customers’ buying decisions in many ways. If you are a brand or business, keeping these aspects of packaging and customers’ behaviors in mind can help your business grow rapidly.


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