Driving Day

Thursday, 5.28.20

Today, I went drive around. I first drove to South Coast Plaza, where I noticed all the parking lots were empty. The mall is apparently still closed, except for online shopping pickups and returns. As I was driving back, I noticed a woman standing in the street with a big sign. I couldn’t read it because I was driving. I stopped by one of the Chase Banks that is still open, and I deposited another check–this check is from AAA for the lockdown period’s lack of driving. In that shopping center area, I noticed Fantastic Sam is now open. But they suck. So, I decided to drive to Supercuts, and I noticed they are now open, as well, but by appointment only. So, I made an appointment for 7:30 pm today. I noticed the price has increased to $24. She said the discount day is Tuesday for $21. I kept my appointment for this evening. I drove to the ATM to withdraw some money. This ATM was near Albertsons and the new ice cream parlor. The outdoor seating area was now open. I decided to buy a small cup of White Rose ice cream and sit outside. It was still quiet. I noticed a sudden long line to the ice cream parlor. I decided to go home and wait until 7 pm because I didn’t know where else to go.

I drove my car around, mostly to check out what’s open and what’s still closed. I also noticed the boutique Nectar, across the street, is now open. Businesses are slowly opening, few at a time. Many are still closed. I think most are open for online shopping, pickups, and returns. I would rather browse inside. I also like window-shopping, even though I might not want to buy anything. 


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