Don’t Get Discouraged: Future is Full of Opportunities!

Don’t Get Discouraged: Future is Full of Opportunities!

It is normal to get disappointed when you get a temporary setback. However, there is no need to feel discouraged in adversities. With a positive attitude and proactive approach, you can overcome any challenge and resist discouragement. See them as opportunities to recharge and focus afresh instead of feeling bad. With persistence and awareness, you can foster positive thinking. Do what fills you with enthusiasm and listen to leadership motivational speakers about how others have emerged a success after setbacks.

Control Your Attitude

Setbacks and resulting disappointment are unavoidable, and they are part of life. But you should learn to control your attitude. The first step to positive thinking is taking full responsibility for how you feel.

It is easy to feel discouraged, and there are many circumstances over which you might have little control. But you can surely choose your reaction with your controlled attitude.

So, take the responsibility to your attitude and if you feel inclined to respond to a setback, keep in mind that it is up to you to feel discouraged. Still, want to feel disappointed? You must not!

When Do You Get Discouraged?

Identify what makes you feel discouraged. Think about times when you feel discouraged. Target one area at a time as you work on changing the thought patterns.

There are many things in your life about which you feel confident but maybe insecure about the others. Then there may be some areas of life which might cause you to feel discouraged.

For instance, you might be discouraged about your job, relationship, or some other thing. Think about those moments when you feel discouraged. In this way, you will be more aware of your thoughts when you get discouraged and avoid what triggered it.

Work On Discouraging Thoughts

You need to be aware of your thinking. If you are prone to get discouraged, your responses to it may be absurd. Watch your negative thoughts, and whenever, you find that negative thoughts are taking over, step aside, and try to reconsider the approach towards the situation.

Example Situation- You have been asked to wait and send a report again.

Discouraging Thought: ‘I have checked everything twice. There can’t be any mistakes. I am losing on something’.

You need to stop such negative thoughts. Instead, you should think positive. Use the time to add more dimensions to the report. Think you how you can make it more useful to the recipient. Make genuine efforts.

Positive Thought: ‘I have got time to add make the report more effective. I must take this as an opportunity to learn new things’.

Such positive thinking will make you more confident. It reflects in your personality and decision making too!

Be Positive and Refocus

Throughout the day, try to say nice things to yourself. Avoid thinking negatively to stay away from any discouragement. Look at the positive aspects, and you will be motivated to do positive too.

While you can’t change everything about the environment, try to find what changes can be brought to make it favorable for you. Bring the changes to your workplace, home, or people you spend time with. The way you spend the spare time could be changed too. All this will make you feel positive.

Be Resilient

Being able to solve the problems methodically can make you a more resilient person. There may be many instances when things may not go your way. However, with problem-solving capabilities and positive thinking, you can convert adversity into an opportunity.


Be with positive-minded people, listen to leadership motivational speakers and do things that fill you with confidence.


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