Doctors are Often Controlled…

Friday, August 7, 2020

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains why he resigned from being a GP. He was a GP for ten years in England. Although he enjoyed his job, he didn’t like the politics. That is why he decided to be a professional writer.

My late father was a GP. I grew up in a small town in WV. His office was an old townhouse in the downtown area, which was one small street, near the Jr High/High School. I often walked to the office during my lunch hour. I noticed most of his patients were poor people who couldn’t afford medical care, which is why most doctors didn’t want them as patients. My late father used to be poor when he was a kid. So, he wanted to help them. Most of these people were African American, some Native America, and maybe few Irish. When we moved to California in 1980, he worked in a big hospital. He wasn’t happy there, probably because of the politics, which is why he left the big hospital for a smaller one, an intercommunity hospital. He was there until he retired because of health reasons at 70.


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