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Saturday, 10.31.20

The three below videos deal with the same related topic. Illuminati, satanic child sacrifice rituals, New World Order and One World Government, Satanic Zionists, Cornyflu Plandemic or even Scamdemic, and full moons. 

Moreover, more and more people are waking up to the truth every day. This mass awakening will likely cause chaos during the November 3rd elections because the masses have been divided to fight each other about different situations in order to promote hatred, violence, and a revolution. Such a revolution would lead to martial law, where military will be brought out to fight off the mess. This will eventually lead to the start of the New World Order, which is their main goal of enslaving the whole earth under One World Satanic Govt in Israel. 

#1 Conversation with an ex Illuminati – Ronald Bernard & Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone interviewed Ronald Bernard, a former Illuminati member and Dutch Banker, in March 2019. He talked about his experience as an Illuminati member. He was asked to sacrifice children at an Illuminati Party, but he couldn’t do it and he refused to do it. After he quit, he started exposing the truth. He was found dead on a hiking trail in Florida in July 2019. He was 61. He was living in Sebring, Florida with his American wife.  

#3 The Light Amidst the Dark

This video is interesting because these six people talk about October 31st as the darkest day of the year, which makes sense because the satanic elites do their blood sacrifices and rituals on Halloween as well as full moon nights, and this October has two full moons, October 1st and October 31st. I wonder how many people and animals the satanic elites have sacrificed this October.


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