Degrees That Lead to Home-Based Employment

Wasn’t commuting to work a lot of hassle in pre-coronavirus days? Won’t you recommend a work environment that is comfortable, close by, and productive? While the pandemic has negatively impacted the world, it has also highlighted the blessing of remote work. Harvard Business School’s research has concluded that remote work or telecommuting leads to increased employee productivity, decreasing turnover rate, and reducing organizational overhead costs. It benefits the companies as much as it offers relief to the employees. 

You can prefer to work remotely for multiple reasons. The flexibility offered by the new-age work environment might be appealing to many. Others might find remote jobs to be more agreeable because they want to focus on their family. Another reason could be the global job opportunities, even when you are stranded within one country because of travel constraints. Whatever the reason might be, digitalization has sorted a way out—work from home at your pace, without the hassle of missing the bus or sitting through excruciating traffic. 

Like most people, if you are also interested in home-based employment, you are in luck. Multiple degrees lead to remote earning opportunities. Let’s look at some of the options!

Business Administration

Business transactions can happen between two parties continents apart. Just like that, business administration can be done remotely too, and work from home MBA jobs not only offer convenience but also provide job security. With an MBA degree, you can be hired as a sales consultant, financial advisor, or marketing manager. No matter how bad the businesses might be doing, they need consultancy and advisors to make a comeback. They also need a marketing manager to increase their sales; you are bound to come across multiple job openings that see your MBA degree and skills as a key asset. Many other remote jobs are open for professionals with an MBA degree. The average salary earned by an MBA degree-holder is around $67,888 annually, making it a lucrative option. Even as an entrepreneur, where you can work from home with your personalized projects, having an MBA degree gives you a head start in the business world.

Information Technology and Computer Science

The future is digital. Technological growth has infiltrated almost all fields. Offering great remote opportunities; a DigitalOcean study suggests that the IT industry had about 86% telecommuting workers in 2019. 

All computer-related professions have high job security and offer lucrative incomes. You can work in cybersecurity as a security engineer, administrator or programmer and developer. With the right keywords, you can find countless remote software engineering jobs on job-posting websites or LinkedIn. 

With a strong command of programming languages through the degrees, computer science majors can also secure jobs in the data science world. Since data analytics is a hot topic, computer science’s versatility acts to your advantage. 


The surge in the use of video calls during the pandemic has revolutionized the world of psychology. Teletherapy for mental health has gotten bigger and is here to stay even after the pandemic is over. This—along with the increased focus on mental health—allows more opportunities for remote psychologists to be employed in the field. The diversity within the field allows professionals to pursue remote work opportunities in any corner of the world. You can be a counseling psychologist, an engineering psychologist, or a neuropsychologist. 


The most obvious remote job is working as a journalist or reporter for newspapers. You can earn an average of $110,000 annually working as a journalist. However, a journalism degree does not limit you to the world of information and reporting. It opens doors to careers in writing too. Your skills with words and expression can translate into cash with the newer job opportunities. You can work as a remote content writer as an employee for agencies, or as a freelancer. Other options for employment include social media manager, copywriter, communications specialist, editor, and technical writer. All of these careers are in demand; you can always find more work within various domains with the same degree. Your paycheck can differ depending on the route you take or the amount of work you sign up for. 

In the Nutshell

Instead of going to work, bring the work home. Keeping your interests in mind, you can find many remote jobs after completing a degree of your choice. Remote jobs sustain, if not increase, productivity without making you compromise on comfort or personal commitments. With any degree, you can carve paths to more than one remote employment option. Just as how a computer science degree hands you keys to cybersecurity or software development jobs, journalism can help you harness your strong communication and writing skills to become an online motivational speaker. Finding a home-based job for yourself with a psychology or business administration degree won’t be hard either as long as you understand the market trends and know where to look for the right opportunity.


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