Deep State Started Wildfires…

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) were used by the Deep State to start wildfires off the California coast. The fires have been started all over the west coast, which is why all the states on the west coast have smokey orange skies.  In Oregon, the sky is blood red.  National forests in California have been closed.

In USA, they are going to injecting food to kill more people because Cornyflu didn’t kill enough people? Frozen foods? Poison apples? Pet food?

Deep State arrests and executions. Military bases and underground cities have been destroyed in the UK, Philippines and Australia. Many children were rescued from these underground cities. Announcements have not been made, probably because they are waiting after the elections. Many are in prisons.

A lot of earthquakes in Australia. An earthquake in New Jersey, possibly due to its close proximity to US Naval weapons bunker storage facility.

Biden is a clone? Kamala Harris is a clone?

3 days of darkness where there is a blackout? I heard that before in the past. That is why it is encouraged to get 3 holy candles for these three days of darkness. It is recommended to start stocking up for 6 months.


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